Innovation through Collaboration

We are looking for collaboration with others who are strong at (synchrotron) PXRD refinement and/or molecular simulations with respect to MOFs or coordination networks.

Finally received my MRS-S membership certificate! It is 8-month late but “better late than never”!–2023.03.20

MRS-S membership

Very happy to see my first cover art is just published in ChemComm, although we have used this yin-yang concept since 2018! — 2023.01.12

Back Cover

Check out my first corresponding author paper “Adsorbate-dependent phase switching in the square lattice topology coordination network [Ni(4,4’-bipyridine)2(NCS)2]n“, just hot off the press from ChemComm! Much appreciated for my supervisor Prof. Mike Zaworotko’s support! — 2022.12.13

Adsorbate-dependent phase switching

Delighted to present my work in the 1st Global Youth Technology and Innovation Forum! –2022.12.10

Global Youth Technology and Innovation Forum

Excited to start my new research chapter as a Scientist at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR. Many thanks to my mentors, collaborators and peer colleagues for their help and support! –2022.11.21


Check out my latest collaboration work “Pressure induced structural effects in the square lattice (sql) topology coordination network sql-1-Co-NCS·4OX” published in Crystal Growth & Design. Congrats to Ewa and happy to be involved! — 2022.10.31

high-pressure effects

Glad to attend the 8th International Conference on Metal-Organic Frameworks and Open Framework Compounds (MOF2022) at the International Congress Center Dresden, Germany. Thanks to EMA and Prof. Dan Zhao for the financial support. –2022.09.07


Happy to attend the Energy Innovation 2022 event at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore. Many thanks to the Energy Market Authority (EMA) for organization and gathering government, industry and academia all together! –2022.07.15

Energy Innovation 2022

Delighted to participate the ACS membership reception at the GiNGER.lily restaurant @ Hilton Singapore Orchard. Thanks very much for the souvenirs:). –2022.07.07

ACS membership reception

Glad to attend the 52nd SNIC Annual General Meeting at the Kinesis Building, A*star. Thanks to the organizers for providing such wonderful f2f opportunity and great food and drinks as well. –2022.07.06


Team 2nd Place! We won the “silver” award in the NUS intervarsity Mind Sports Championships 2022: Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)! Congrats to all! –2022.06.12

Team “silver” award

Glad to join the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) as a professional member!–2022.06.08

SNIC membership

After 6 years, part of my graduate work from Xiamen University has been finally published in JACS: “Magnetic 3d–4f Chiral Clusters Showing Multimetal Site Magneto-Chiral Dichroism“! May the 4th with me!–2022.05.04

[Ln5Ni6] clusters showing MChD

Settled at the National University of Singapore! Looking forward to my new adventure in SG!–2022.04.01

NUS Engineering

A long and wonderful journey in Ireland & UL & CS department & Bernal Institute & especially Zgroup. I am so grateful to have such memories in my life. –2022.02.25

my farewell party

Happy to see my latest collaboration work “Scalable Robust Nano-porous Zr-based MOF adsorbent with High-Capacity for Sustainable Water Purification” accepted in Sep. Purif. Technol. Congrats to Mao Fu, Prof. Yingchao Dong and other coauthors. –2022.02.05

Check out my latest work on C2H2 storage by using nonporous adsorbent materials. Now published in ChemComm: Acetylene storage performance of [Ni(4, 4’-bipyridine)2(NCS)2]n, a switching square lattice coordination network. –2022.01.10

switching sql coordination network

An ice tree formed during Liquid N2 evaporation when we were doing SEM. #Merry Christmas!–2021.12.25

ice tree

My ChemRxiv preprint “Tuning the switching pressure in square lattice coordination networks by metal cation substitution” has been published in Materials Advances (Open Access). Welcome to check out!–2021.12.16

Check out my first preprint in ChemRxiv: Tuning the switching pressure in square lattice coordination networks by metal cation substitution. –2021.11.29

metal-ion controlled switching

Glad to receive my certificate of the “2020 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad”! Many thanks to my supervisor Prof. Michael Zaworotko and the University of Limerick. –2021.11.16

Award Certificate

Check out my latest collaboration work “Stable Zr-Based Metal–Organic Framework Nanoporous Membrane for Efficient Desalination of Hypersaline Water” in Environ. Sci. Technol. Congrats to Prof. Yingchao Dong and other coauthors. Happy to be involved. –2021.11.02

UiO-66 Membrane for Desalination